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Contemporay Canada

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Assignment # 2

Organization Research report

Contemporary Canada.

GNED 105-002

Submitted by:

Gurpreet Singh


Submitted to:

Professor Mark Long

Centennial College, School of Business.

Submitted on: 30-jan-2019.


  1. Introduction.
  2. History.
  3. What it is?
  4. Role in the society.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Reference.


Canada is one of the democratic countries among the world which is unique place to live. The life of Canada is very easy and simple because it is known as the land of opportunities. The facilities which are generally provided by the well-known or the rich persons and the government or private organizations. The head of Government is the Prime Minister which help to retain the democracy and also helps the country to get growth as well as standards. There are many individuals and the organizations which did a great work in Canadian history like, Alexander Graham Bell, Galen Weston, Sir John A. MacDonald, Lester B. Pearson and some of well-known organization are Green Party, the Canadian coast guard, Liberal Party, Ministry of health Canada, and Dept. of Defense. I have chosen Canada Coast Guard for Research and I have explained it in the forthcoming paragraphs.

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The Canadian Coast Guard is the coast gatekeeper of Canada which was framed in 1962, to provide marine rescue Formally, the federal department and the Naval forces did the work which the Canada Coast Guard is doing today. The origin of Canadian Coast guard was the lighthouses and lifeboats that were Established in Eastern Canada in 1700s. Later, in the year 1868 Federal government established the department of Marine and Fisheries to manage the marine affairs which include the operations of government vessels and for various elements of marine Infrastructure. The federal government put huge number of duties regarding marine safety, search, rescue and navigation under the department of Marine and Fisheries. The first station in the Canada was made on Sable Island. After that, this department of Fisheries and Marine was divided into different sectors and the Department of Marine took all the responsibilities. During 1936, new government gather the marine and the other related department into one department. During the time of Word War 2, Canada open saint Lawrence seaways in 1958 for the development sea trade between different nations. The entire delivery business was changed all through the Eastern Canada and the expansion was required.    After this, the Canadian coast guard was officially created on January 26th, 1962 by the honorable, “Leon Balcer” the head of ministry of transportation and the symbol for the Canadian coast guard was created by the Queen. [pic 2]

What it is?

The main Headquarter situated in Ottawa, Ontario of  Canadian Coast guard and the motto is (Safety first, Service always). The honorable, Jonathan Wilkinson is the recent minister and Jeffery Hutchinson is the commissioner of the Canadian coast guard. Moreover, they also have a college where they provide study to student to build their career in Canadian coast guard. The Coast Guard manage the 120 vessels, 25 helicopters and the other ships to protect the coastline of 202,080 Kilometers and give employment to 4555 employees. CCG’s operational areas are Atlantic Regions, Central and Arctic Regions and Western Regions. Our Canadian waterways play a crucial role in our culture, history and economy. Keeping these waterways safe and open for business is a priority for the Government of Canada.   



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