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Contemporary Race Relations in the United

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Essay Preview: Contemporary Race Relations in the United

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Prejudice is an inherent trait of societies. People congregate to the familiar. At the dawn of civilization, it may have been a factor in a person’s very survival. Discrimination is the active choice of self-advancement at the expense of others because of their race. Racism is generally considered an intolerance of people of another race. Despite great advances in equality, it is unfortunate that in today’s society prejudices, discrimination and racism are very much a part of modern cultures as shown daily in news accounts, the workplace and politics. Often subtle, sometimes not, race relations in the United is under constant strain.

Prejudice follows many forms. The United States was formed freedom of religion tenant however; it was not long before religions other became suspect and were quick to be ostracized. IN the building of the nation, British immigrants were welcomed but other nationalities, such as the Irish and Chinese were not despite the country’s reliance on their labor in building the trans-Atlantic railroad. The black population, freed from slavery, were unwelcome and seen by many as less than human. During World War II the Japanese were interned without just cause. Today’s migrant workers, primarily Hispanic are further discriminated against by those decrying their illegal status. Yet few American workers are willing to perform the same job for the same pay. Frequently on the news, we hear reports of young black males being profiled by police, some even dying while in police custody.

Discrimination is not race specific and yet the two often go hand in hand. The “haves” whether from a position of wealth, social standing, political power etc. often will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo. The “have nots” face a steep climb to attain even a semblance of equality. It has not been a consistent progression but headway has been made. Every generation faces its own challenges. A large focus currently is on



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