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Consumer Behaviour - Johnson & Johnson’s Skin

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Essay Preview: Consumer Behaviour - Johnson & Johnson’s Skin

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Introduction                                                                3

Aim of the Project                                                        4

Company Profile                                                        4

Vision Statement                                                        4

Johnson and Johnson’s Credo                                                4

Products                                                                4,5

Neutrogena Skin Id                                                        5

Current Marketing Mix for Neutrogena Skin iD                        6

Marketing Analysis                                                        7

SWOT Analysis                                                        8

Marketing Mix                                                        9

Maximizing Sales Revenue                                                9

Pest Analysis                                                                10

Conclusion                                                                10

References                                                                11


Johnson and Johnson has reliably been an association that stands arranged to improve the way of people's conventional life. By offering things and information concerning kid thought, skin and hair care, oral thought, nutritionals, torment help, topical thought and fundamentally more, Johnson and Johnson has had the ability to make a comprehended regarding examining and making vital improvement in human administrations within the Consumer lives. In the midst of all these high Research and Development (R&D), the probability of seeing a failure results in new thing headway can never be overemphasized (Rossi, 2008). Considering the present example and practice in satisfying customer, one name that has expanded much ground is mass customization (Fogliatto and da Silveira, 2008). It has been exhibited that one-size-fits-all course of action does excess area the full needs of every customer, hence affecting purchaser unwaveringness to an unprecedented degree (Addis and Holbrook, 2001). Since unmistakable people have different skin treatment, it is troublesome for one thing to be expected to satisfy everyone; subsequently a dermatologist organization is required remembering the final objective to attempt and settle on the right choice of magnificence consideration items. Neutrogena Skin iD is an online portal for arranged by Johnson and Johnson to acts a virtual dermatologist that will recommend a complete Johnson and Johnson skin game plan pack (one with the ideal measure of element fixings to decontaminate, treat and secure your skin) for customers after they have answer a few inquiries concerning themselves and their skin.


The purpose of it is along these lines to examine the Neutrogena Skin iD from a showcasing perspective, with a particular finished objective to propose a couple of considerations on how Johnson and Johnson can comprehend its corporate targets through Neutrogena Skin iD item advertising.


Johnson and Johnson was set up in 1886 more than 120 years former on a dynamic thought: Doctors and medicinal orderlies should use clean sutures, dressings and swathes to treat society's wounds. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, they brought the world new musings and things that have changed human wellbeing and success. Every advancement, every thing, each jump forward has been controlled by periods of specialists why ought to animated have any sort of impact.

The association has experienced surprising advancement over a century. They've ended up through creative musings, things and organizations that have any sort of impact in people's lives. Besides, get to be through overall expansion Johnson and Johnson has more than 250 associations arranged in 57 countries around the world. The Family of Companies is sorted out into a couple business parts included foundations and accommodating characterizations.

Vision articulation: "Passing on Science to the Art of Healthy Living"

J&J doesn't have a "mission statement." Instead, they have a reasoning.

Johnson and Johnson's Credo

"We believe our first commitment is to the authorities, medicinal guardians and patients, to mothers and fathers and every single other peopl who use our things and organizations. In tending to their needs all that we do must be of high bore. We ought to dependably try to reduce our costs remembering the final objective to keep up sensible expenses. Customers' solicitations must be upgraded rapidly and exactly. Our suppliers and wholesalers must have an opportunity to make a sensible advantage"


  • Baby care
  • Skin and hair care
  • Wound care and Topicals
  • Oral Health care
  • Women’s Health
  • Vision Care

Medical Devices & Diagnostics Products

This fragment passes on diverse advances for authorities, chaperons and recuperating focuses operations with everything taken into account. A domain's segment of wellbeing that Johnson and Johnson caters for are Orthopedics, Implants, Joint Replacements, Sports Medicine and Trauma and that is just the tip of the ice sheet.

Prescription Products:

Under this range, J & J have a blended pack of things that can be sorted into 5 classes.[pic 1]



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