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Confusion In Modern Society

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Confusion in Modern Society

"Anomie" or the state where norms are confused or unclear was first proposed by a man named Emile Durham. With this he considered that man simply loses sight of what is socially acceptable and cannot take a proper role in society. Anomie is prevalent in today's society as many stray from traditional values that attempted to better the society instead of the individual. This apparent ignorance not only hinders social progress but also breaks down order.

Within the last century, noticeable changes have taken place in modern society. Many technological breakthroughs such as transportation, telecommunication, and the increase of potential jobs have allowed society to benefit tremendously. Yet at the same time, many of society's fundamental institutions like marriage, schooling, and medicine have taken some radical shifts, not necessarily for societies benefit. Marriage could be the most drastically changed of all the traditions. With changes in technology and the increased of living, society is slowly reverting back to a focus on trying to make ends meet than an emphasis on family and values. David Popenoe (1995) concludes that this deviates from the previously fashioned Nuclear Family, consisting of a working father, a housewife mother and children. There has been a large increase with divorce and separation just within the last thirty years. Even politicians like Gabriele Pauli suggest that marriages expire after seven years (Chambers, 2007). "ManÐ'.... Must stick to his wife and hey must become one flesh."(Genesis 2:24). This quote, taken from the Old Testament of The Bible was the basis of many traditional views of marriage but not people seems lost and chose simpler means of adjusting to changes society. The negatives brought by this are easily seen with the increase of depression of children, delinquency and even suicide in certain instances. Many children suffer from separation anxiety from the split and feel out of place because they feel they are "different from other children. Many studies showed that children had many behavioral changes. One study suggested (Zinsmeister, 1996) Divorced students were more likely to abuse drugs, to commit violent acts, to take their own life, and to bear children out of wedlock.

To further exemplify the problems with modern society, there has been an increase with Physician-Assisted suicide. Although this does not mean doctors are physically killing patients with drugs, they are however, informing patients of lethal dosages of the drugs they are prescribing. Even with all the advancements in modern medicine, some doctors would choose to "mercifully" aid a terminally ill patient and assist in their suicide. The media also supports in confusing the public with propaganda and toning down many tragic events. It is now common to have front page news of a pop idols new marriage than horrific murders of people. Society seems to be unaffected by death unless it wide spread. Just how can we curb the downward spiral of morals and values within our society?

Lastly, one of the most controversial and troublesome dilemma that society continues to perpetuate is with racial issues. Although many injustices



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