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Concept of Political Ideology

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17th general election is going on in India and all the political parties are working hard to secure majority or at least some seats so they can bargain for ministries in next central government. Political parties claim that they are the solutions of the problems but I think political parties are itself a problem rather a solution. All the political parties are either based on religions or castes or based on regions. Some parties are right wing, some are left wing and others are directionless. When it comes to cast our vote then the understanding of outlooks and full proof development plans of political parties are more important than the ideologies of political parties.

When you get attached to a group with certain ideologies then the scope of out of box thinking is very less. In this scenario people act as per predefined party line thought process and work for the success of party as opposed to the success of society, which is the main motto of any political organization, which fights for power to rule a state. Some early US presidents opposed the idea of political parties on the ground of self-centeredness as opposed to the growth of the society. In history, it is seldom noted that political parties acted above their ideologies to support the cause of society.

In present India, political polarization is at peak. If you do not follow the political ideologies of one party then the supporters of that party will treat you as a member of opposition party. Nowadays it is very difficult to live in a non-political environment in India. Party supporters are so biased that they see only good in one political ideology and only bad in other political ideologies. In past, India was famous for great debates and knowledge sharing and scholars used to switch the ideologies on the basis of arguments. But in present, all the scholars and intellectuals frame the arguments to support the ideologies and not to question the ideologies on the basis of arguments.



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