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Communication And Building Team Dynamic

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Trust is an essential part to any relationship and trust within a team dynamic is no exception. Roger Pearman stated, "The group members must learn to trust one another, or they will not value the talentÐ'... nor will they risk sharing new ideas and extend themselves to support team members" (Building Learning Teams, August 2007). The surest way to establish a basis of trust is by communication. It is by communication that the seeds of trust begin. It is a statement of what is intended and is also used to gauge the interest of a party. By communicating goals, expectations, strengths and weaknesses trust is built and maximizes the potential efficiency and productivity within a group.

As with any endeavor, establishing goals is essential to completing any task within a group environment. As stated by Roger Pearman in his article entitled Building Learning Teams, "To move a group along, a clear, compelling mission must be articulated, and the importance of the challenge to organizational success is an essential first step" (Pearman, August 2007). During the articulation of the goals and mission of a group, important dialog is being exchanged between team members. This dialog is essential to the building of trust within the group because it indicates that everyone participating is has an interest in the outcome. Members are more apt to form bonds of trust if the agenda is the same and is articulated.

In conjunction with the communication of goals within a group is the establishment of expectations. Often during the phase of goal/mission formation team roles begin to take shape. During this time it is essential that the expectations for each role are outlined. By outlining the expectations of group members one establishes trust that all aspects are completed. This step is critical because it allows each member to concentrate solely on their responsibility rather than dividing their time between multiple tasks.




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