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Come Buy Our Orchard Fruits

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Essay Preview: Come Buy Our Orchard Fruits

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Victor Taggart

English 1102

Mrs. Mason

22 March 2017

“Come buy our orchard fruits”

        Billy is walking down the street and hears a voice say “Yo my man come buy our orchard fruits”. The goblin introduces himself to Billy. Billy replies to the goblin “No thank you I do not want to buy any of your fruits”. One of goblins asked “Why do you not want any of our orchard fruits”. Billy says “Look man I just do not want any fruit thanks for asking”. One of the goblins replied angrily “Yo my man what do you have against fruit my man like we out here every day B trying to make this bread my guy I am going need you buy some fruit believe me you want some of this fruit”. Billy replied “Sorry I just do not want buy any fruit today plus your fruit looks kind of rotten”.  The goblins just stare at him and say “How dare you disrespect our orchard fruits boy if don’t get outta my face you lucky I went church day” the other goblin yells out “I know you are not disrespecting our orchard fruits is this guy must be crazy you know what try this kid”. The goblin hands Billy an apple he grabs it and takes a big bite out of the apple. Billy says “you know what this apple is not half bad let me try a something else”. The goblin gives Billy an orange and some grapes. Billy deicides to buy some of the orchard fruits after all. The goblins talk to each other while Billy is walking away and say “he will be back to buy more of our orchard fruits because if anyone have had a taste of our orchard fruits they will be hook it is kind of like a drug that you cannot just get enough of them”.

        The next day Billy returned to buy some more of the orchard fruits from the goblins. One of the goblins yelled out “Yo what’s good I thought you were not going buy any of orchard fruits now look at you back for more of that sweet sweet orchard fruit I see you B I see you”. Billy is looking at the fruit the who gave him the sample of the fruit pops up and says “Oh you are back great I got something just for you fresh out the garden”. Billy replies “What is it”. The goblin pulls out a mango Billy looks at. The other goblin yells out “My guy that’s a mango try a little bit of that I am telling you going to love it B”. Billy eyes got big when he gave the mango a taste. Billy says “I do not know why people told me not to buy fruit from you your orchard fruits taste amazing.” Billy buys 2 cases full of fruit and the goblins began to laugh, but Billy could not figure out what was so funny. Billy ask what’s so funny the goblins replied nothing.



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