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College Entrance Essay

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I as a student and as a person have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity's to know and experience many different people, from the poor minority to the rich majority. I try and absorb and understand while keeping an open mind at all time, their past present future culture, and physical location all of it interesting and fascinating.

Just recently a foreign exchange student began living with my family due to complications with his last host family and it has defiantly been an experience. Nicholas has been nice and patient enough to enlighten me about his home in Berlin. Nicholas is just like any other 17 year old, he plays soccer listens to nearly the same music and even dresses the same and even likes to do the same things my friends and I do, through these similarity its easy to see how such things as the internet is bringing nations closer together and making the world smaller. However Nicholas has been able to highlight other aspects and cultural differences, and in doing so has given me the opportunity to learn from these differences. Although he was not alive for the fall of the Berlin Wall he has been able to really help me understand the fullness and seriousness of the situation. Through his first hand experiences of the after affects I have been able to grasp a picture of the nation through his eyes, and in doing so broadened my awareness of other nations.

I would much like to in school room with someone of the foreign exchange program. I have a profound fascination with Islamic and other non Christian religious nations, and consider myself an open and understanding person and enjoy learning about other cultures and parts of the world. It is a life long dream to learn as much about all of the religions of the world as possible. I believe in doing so it is possible to grasp a better understanding of the workings of the world. Like the functions of the parts of a vacuum cleaner or gears of a clock. I also understand that not only



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