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College App. Essay

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One cold and snowy December 23, my dad and I left for what would be the first professional football game I had ever seen. The whistle blew, the crowd roared, and the game began. My favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, were playing the Cincinnati Bengals. That game would quickly turn into a hopeless mauling. At the end of the fourth quarter, the score was 33-3 in favor of the Falcons, and the Vikings, who were playing a horrible game, had absolutely no chance of victory. I could not have been happier. Still, it got better yet. After the game, my Dad and I stood by the overhang of the Falcons' exit and Michael Vick, my favorite player, threw me his jersey! I just could notbelieve it. By far, it had been the best day of my life.

However, the entire experience was even better for a different reason. It made me realize how much I need my college education. As a person, I am very outwardly focused and giving. "It is better to give than to receive" is the perfect example of how I feel. I love to do things to make other people happy, and the people I want to make the happiest are the people within my own future family. I want to be able to sufficiently provide for them in every single way possible. I want to spend a lot of time with them. I want to be able to buy them everything they could possibly want. Most importantly, I want them to feel totally loved. Obtaining a good college education and a good job is completely necessary in providing them with that kind of love. I know simply loving them with all I have is the most important thing, but having an excellent college education can only help.



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