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It is the course of innovation for Coca Cola. One year after Coca Cola Black, twenty years after Coca Cola Light, Coca Cola Zero taps the market. The product is the updating of an old product aged of 18 years old: Coca Cola Light. It is a re-branding strategy. It allows to forgot the semi-failure of Coca Cola Black (0,3% of the market share), but also the complete failures of Cherry Coke, Coca Vanilla...

Coca retrains the innovations that are not coming from the company! Pepsi invented the Light. But this new product wants to answer to a new demand: this research of healthy food and drink. And because men take more and more care of them, Zero decides to target them, to answer to a newborn demand.

Coca Cola launches a particular market: the men market. Coca Cola Zero does clearly a distinction between women and men, in the marketing strategy. The product finds a sex: it is SEXUE marketing.

Coca Cola Zero is a soft drink without sugar and without calorie. It is a matter of hedonist drink. The secret of the composition is in the composition. The formula? Aspartame and acesulfane-K, with only 0,3Kcal/100ml. The product has a colour slightly clearer. We can find the product in different DECLENSIONS:

- Two kinds of bottle: plastic and cans for the PUBLIC CONSUMPTION and glass for restaurants and cafй.

- For GRAND PUBLIC, the plastic bottles exist with different CONTENANCES: 1,5L, 50cL and the can of 33cL.

- For the professional customers: bottles of 25cL.



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