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How To Crack A Coca-Cola Machine

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"Some people might know how to do this, but I am sure many don't. In this post I will explain how easy it is to crack a coca-cola machine.

First off, this only works for coca-cola products. Other types of vending machines follow similar patterns but I they're not exactly the same. The easiest way to figure out if the vending machine is one that carries coca-cola products is by, yep you guessed it, look at it! Some coca-cola products are:

Coke Variations

Barq's Rootbeer

Sprite Variations



Minute Maid




There are several others, but I am sure you get the point. For this 'crack' to work, the vending machine can't be too old. It has to have the LCD screen on the front that usually says "Ice Cold!" or "Coca-Cola" in red lettering. If it doesn't have that the vending machine is probably too old to make some of the 'cooler'changes. I'm not sure how this works on the latest vending machine models, I have never tried it on a brand new vending machine, but I am sure it's similar.

So you have found a vending machine, looks like the one I described. It's got a big coca-cola label on the front and an LCD screen above the buttons. Those buttons are the main key of how to 'crack' this coca-cola machine. The buttons normally lay in a vertical row something like this.

[Button 1]

[Button 2]

[Button 3]

[Button 4]

[Button 5]

[Button 6]

[Button 7]

That's probably what the vending machine's buttons look like. There's probably a huge line of them but the only ones you have to know are the top four. To crack into the coke machine you have to press the buttons in this pattern.





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