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Teen killed in gang shooting

In this article - It touched on a lot of different areas that was discussed in class, mainly Gang Violence. This shooting that happened in Santa Ana, a few days ago, that caused the death of a 15 year old boy because of the opposing gang members that probably has some conflicts with the Gang in that area.

We know that a Gang is an example of an Organized Crime which is also defined in the book as a framework for the perpetration of criminal acts Ð'- usually in fields such as gambling, drugs, and prostitution. I would say that this article also touched on a public order crime which is a category under visible crimes, and that is graffiti, a form of vandalism Ð'- these types of behavior - vandalisms, the selling of drugs in the streets and other gang activities Ð'- instills fear in the people living in that neighborhood which appears to be the case because people in that area are fearful for their own lives because of gang retaliations if they ever come out and talk openly about the gang activities that is happening in their area, these disorderly behaviors leads to more serious crime (which already led to one fatality) and could happen more frequently if not acted against on.

A gang is also defined as a group of 3 or more people whose main purpose is to commit a crime, which in this case it involved more than just the shooting/murder which can either be a first or second degree murder, but I would suppose it to be a second degree murder because based on the article, these other individuals that were in the car didn't really have a specific target in mind, or they didn't have the intention to kill Ð'- or guilty mind "mens rea" when they passed by that neighborhood, it was just that when they saw a graffiti that had the letters "LST" which meant Lyon Street Gang that possibly triggered for these other gang to act the way



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