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Civics Participation Essay

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28 February 2018



Me and my partner attended the Tucson city council meeting on February 21st. The meeting was regarding an out of state corporate company building a $2.5 million, 7 story complex on the corner of 4th & 6th where the fly catcher currently resides.


The city council meeting started off with an update on planned events which included planning of the Tucson rodeo, as well as the solute to centenarians. After taking about 30 minutes to explain to the public on what these events were, we moved on to the funding requisitions. During the fund reqs, a representative from 2 different companies/ departments stood at the podium to give a short explanation on what they were doing and why they should receive extra funding for there next year.

The first of the 2 was Jeff from the Independent Oddity Community (IOC),who works with internal odette affers, examens financial reports, and examens cities internal control structure. The 2nd person was John Dalton, chairman of Human Relations Commission (HRC). HRC deals with racial problems in workplaces and schools, as well as segregation and inequality in social facilities and immigrant rights. After the requests were heard the city council members declared that their final decision would be made the next meeting. Then the main event; the discussion on the plans to build a $2.5 million, 7 story student housing complex on the corner of 4th and 6th.

The meeting was called to get the public's opinion on the deal and the people sure made their opinion known. For the next 2 hours or so people from all around the city stood up at the podium and voiced their opinion on 4th & 6th deal. One man by the name of Joe, a shop owner on 4th, said that building the enormous structure so close to mom & pop stores would ruin business on 4th with all of the construction and heavy amounts of traffic it would bring. Another member of the community, Lisa Garland, said “ the city should preserve the history and culture that 4th ave provides.” more and more people voiced their opinions with some saying the we don't have the roads to sustain the heavy traffic it would bring and the project would put property tax through the roof.



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