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Christopher Resurreccion

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Christopher Resurreccion                                                                              Ms. Sabusap        STEM 11-3

Sparkles of Love- a Ruby Sparks Reaction Paper

“Ruby Sparks”, written and starred by Zoe Kazan magically appeared into Calvin Weir-Fields’ (Paul Dano) life. Calvin is a novelist struggling with a writer’s block after her girlfriend dumped him just after his father’s death. He had a dream of a sparkling red-haired girl looking for her missing shoe. Dr. Rosenthal, Calvin’s therapist told him to write a page, a bad one about her dream girl Ruby Sparks. Calvin started typing his novel on his manual typewriter. One unusual day he can’t believe his own eyes, the girl that he has been dreaming about and writing about came to life. They had a beautiful perfect relationship and when it’s not, Calvin will just only type something. Ruby unaware that she’s not real, does whatever Calvin typed on his typewriter. If he wants ruby to be sad, she will be. If he wants Ruby to be happy, she will be. If he wants Ruby to be whether happy or sad, she will be. If he wants Ruby to love him, she will. They had a fight and Calvin told Ruby the truth, after that she walked out, Calvin freed her and she left home. What will you do if you can control someone by writing their life? What if you can change them the way you desired? “Ruby Sparks” for me is not just a movie about writing and it is not just about love, it’s about something that is realistic. It is about what you can and you can’t do in life.

Sometimes sadness overcomes our happiness and when it happens it forbids us to do something. We forget how to live and we forget how to be happy. And then there’s a thing we called Writing, it help us create something we want, let things happen whatever we want. Like Calvin did, he created a world where he was love the way he really is and not just the way how people in reality fell in love with him. No, people didn’t fell in love with him, they fell in love with the idea of being in love with him and that’s not good. So he made Ruby, his dream girl. He made Ruby fell in love with him, the way he really is. But it’s not right, he made Ruby fell in love with him instead of Ruby herself, made her fall in love with him. And for me, that is not a thing you called love. It is a thing you called possession, we don’t love people just to control them but instead we love people so that they can be whatever they want, they can grow how they want. And we love people not just so that we can make them love us back.

The thing that I really like the most from this movie is it feels like somehow a mirror of my life. Calvin is me and Ruby is the metaphor of my life. Just like Calvin, I wanted to be love by the people the way I am and the way I like. And sometimes I write about how I like things to happen because when I write it feels so real. Writing helps me to create a world where anything that I like happens because in this world I can control my life. Yes it satisfies me however, this movie taught me that I can’t live with the world I created selfishly. The happiness that I felt from that world is incomparable from the happiness that I can feel from reality. Life is not just about controlling and choosing to be happy and to be satisfied, life is also about learning from sadness, from pain and from other negativities because from this, we grow and we live.



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