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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

There have been dozens of men and women whom have impacted history dramatically. Christopher Columbus is one of these men. Without daring and adventurous men such as Christopher, enlightenments much like the New World would never have been discovered. Most of these discoveries were come across by accident. When Christopher came across the New World he was actually searching for a new route to Asia. Along with the discovery of new land, came discoveries of many other sources which provided wealth for the country supporting these expeditions.

Christopher Columbus was born 1451 in Genoa, Italy. His father was a wool merchant and weaver. Columbus began sailing at the young age of 13, which contributed to the fact he had very little education. Christopher didn't learn to read or write until he was well into adulthood. His first major expedition, funded by King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella, took place August 3, 1492. The main purpose of this voyage was to find a quicker way to Asia, taking a Western route. Columbus was permitted three ships to take on his voyage; the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. The Pint and the Nina were both caravel ships, whereas the Santa Maria was a Nao . On October 11, 1492 Christopher spotted and landed on what he later named San Salvador. He believed this piece of land to be one of the outer Japanese islands. With further exploration Christopher discovered a tribe of people, whom always went naked and lush vegetation bearing unknown fruit . Christopher then wrote to Queen Isabella making the land sound much better than it was, hoping she would fund further expeditions along his new route. Also to ensure another voyage Christopher decided to return home with six Indians he had found. However during the long journey home, four out of the six of these Indians got sick and died. After the first voyage Pope Alexander VI granted him a papal bull, giving him an excuse to return on his second voyage . September 25, 1493 Christopher proceeded to find gold and capture "Indians". It was during this trip in which he established base on Hispaniola. Columbus than sailed back to this new land twice more in which he sailed further South to Trinidad, Medico, Honduras and Panama. It was during his fourth expedition in which he passed away, buried in Hispaniola, leaving behind a wife and child age 13 .

Christopher Columbus "the discoverer" was considered a hero in Italy, Spain and the United States for his explorations. He was perceived as a daring and great explorer who pushed the limits of society. Columbus opened the world to the West, beginning the Europeanization of the globe . Spanish Historian Francisco Lopez de Gomorra stated



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