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Chocolate War

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1. Jerry Renault (protagonist), learns a very good moral at the end of this story. In the beginning, he refuses to do things he doesn't like or want to do. Jerry is the kid who wants to have control. He shows this in the story through the annual high school chocolate sale. He is given a challenge by a group of students (The Virgil's), not to sell any chocolate. He decides to comply at the moment. Later he shows his personality, when the Virgil's tells him to actually sell chocolates he denies it. As the story progresses, a boxing match ends up happening. After the fight, Jerry is covered in blood and passed out. He then finally learns it's in his favor to do as he is told.

2. Obie is the character who I can best relate. Obie and I are both nice and easy going. For example, we both don't think Archie is nice at all according to Obie's thoughts in the book. Another is, Obie expresses sympathy towards Jerry's mothers recent passing. I also would have done the same if I was in the book. We also, just hate what the Virgil's do on a day to day basis. We are too nice to say what's on our minds. Obie, is to nice to be able to confront the Virgil's and tell what he feels there doing is wrong. If a friend, a group, or any person does something or something that I am not really in favor of I usually tend to keep it to myself. And lastly, we are often told what to do. We aren't the time of person to give orders.

3. I do not like ending at all. The ending of the book was a fight. I personally am not a fan of wrestling, fighting, or violence. I did like though the raffle at the end. the book should have ended with the Virgil's conducting a raffle at the end. Students could've bought tickets and had an opportunity to win fifty boxes of chocolate, no fight involved! As far as Jerry goes, he could've learned the moral he did at the end of the story another way without violence. I think it would've



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