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Chm 100 Fall 2016 Exam 2 Review

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Essay Preview: Chm 100 Fall 2016 Exam 2 Review

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Fall 2016 Exam #2 Review


-be able to balance chemical equations

-be able to write a balanced equation from given information

-Know what kind of information is provided from a balanced equation (# atoms/moles of an element or ion in a formula)


-be able to identify/recognize the type of chemical reaction based on the balanced equation

        -predict products of acid/base reaction (normal acids and bases and carbonates)

        -predict the precipitate of a reaction and be able to determine solubility based on solubitlity rules (you don’t need to memorize rules)

-know what occurs that proves a chemical reaction has occurred

-Redox (oxidation-reduction) reactions

        -be able to determine if a chemical reaction can be classified as Redox

        -be able to identify what is oxidized and reduced in a redox reaction

        -be able to identify the oxidizing or reducing agent in a redox reaction

Ch 6

-Calculations:  (same types of calculations that we have covered in class, with a little complexity)

--be able to calculate molar masses of elements and compounds

-be able to use Avogadro’s number to calculate the number of particles (atoms, molecules, ions, etc) of a substance from given mass or number of moles— pure substance or a compound

-be able to use a balanced chemical equation to determine the following relationships and perform calculations using conversion factors from equalities:


        -be able to calculate the %yield from given information or be able to determine the actual amount from the percent yield and theoretical yield



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