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A topic I found to be both interesting and of great importance to the class was the reunification of China and ChinaÐ''s productive leaders. After reviewing the history of the reunification in China three important people in the process were Taitzu of the song dynasty, Yang Ti of the Sui dynasty, and Li Yuan of the Tang dynasty.

One of China's greatest leaders of the Song dynasty was General Zhao Kuangyin, also known as Emperor Taitzu. Taitzu was the first emperor of the Song dynasty, credited with the start of the reunification of China. Originally a general, he was chosen by his troops to take over when the dynasty was left in the hands of a child successor. He had a different way of dealing with his officials, and remodeled his whole cabinet with civil servants and bureaucrats. He had documents presented to him in rough drafts so he could double check work, and he reformed the Chinese examination system to rid it of favoritism. Often He traveled in disguise around his kingdom to observe his people and their way of life. His reign put the Song dynasty in good pacement for future development socially, economically, and politically.

Sui Yang-Ti was the second and last Emperor of the Sui dynasty. Yang-Ti was credited for building the Grand Canal that joined Northern China to the Yangtze River. This canal brought prosperity in agricultural areas of China due to the mass amounts of grain growing along the Yangtze. Yang-Ti enjoyed spending money, especially on Palace reconstruction. A mass amount of money was also put into the Great Wall of China, reinforcing it's strength. His failed attempts to capture land from the Koreans, led to the downfall of his reign. The people of China began to revolt against him, and Yang-Ti was forced to flee to South China where his wasn't welcomeand was eventually assassinated. The rule of Yang-Ti marked the end of the short Sui dynasty and sent China looking for a new emperor.




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