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China Olympics

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Essay Preview: China Olympics

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Dear Editor

I agree with your notion that the Olympic games should be about sportsmanship and not politics. However it is my opinion that China should not be allowed to host the Olympic Games in August of 2008. Spectators worldwide should be careful to take part in the glimmering pageantry of this year's Summer Olympics the same way one breathes in a lung-full of Beijing's notoriously polluted air: with a healthy dose of caution. Some say the Olympics is simply a sporting event and that politics have nothing to do with the Olympic games, but the manner in which China has tried to use the Olympics to make itself seem a powerful great nation imply that China thinks otherwise. Also, the availability of human rights in China has depreciated over the last several years. Christians, Tibetans, Muslims, and many other minority groups in China have faced increasing problems over the years. By boycotting the Olympics, nations (Including the United States of America) would be protesting China’s continuous wrong doings over the years. Some say better ways exist to protest against China such as economic sanctions, but such actions could have dire affects on the worlds economy if such actions were to take place. Most western nations have extremely high amounts of trade interests in China, therefore economic sanctions are out of the question. Boycotting the Olympics brings a risk free way of protesting against Chinese aggression in Tibet for an Olympics with empty stadiums presents to Chinese officials, who have invested high amounts of wealth into the Olympics, an embarrassing situation to be in.



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