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Cause And Effect Essay

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Cause Effect Essay

What Lead to my College Major

What am I going to do with my life? That is a very important question that many people have to face at some point during their education. That point came early for me. That is because my high school required that every student pick a major area of study by their sophomore year. I decided that I would just pick the first thing that sparked my interest and take the introduction class to see if I could make it through five or six more classes on the same subject.

The first listing that caught my eye was Introduction to Business taught by Mrs. D. Conrad. One reason I chose that class was because I could envision myself working on the business end of any industry in the future; another reason was I wanted to wear high heels to work. I could only think of a few other "professionals" that wore heels to work and I did not want to be employed in that field. So business it was.

Mrs. Conrad was a little woman with red hair and a big attitude. She was passionate about her career and encouraged her students to have that same passion for business. Though it rarely ever worked, she never gave up. Consequently, I was recruited.

She came up to my desk one day and started going on and on about what a bright student I was and how she thought I would really love Accounting. She was right. I really did enjoy accounting. Mrs. Conrad had hit the nail on the head. I later discovered that she walked around swinging that business recruitment hammer at every nail she saw. It only made sense that eventually she ended up hitting a few on the head. I grew attached to Mrs. Conrad over the next couple of years and was further determined to spend my life doing what had become a second nature to me, business.

I took every class that Mrs. Conrad taught and many other courses in the business department.



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