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Catcher In The Rye

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Essay Preview: Catcher In The Rye

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Holden fears growing up and flees when it gets too close, making Holden seam like a duck, but in the end he realizes that going would be the worst mistake in his life.

Holden Caulfield is scared of everything that he is not familiar with. There are only a handful of things that he truly loves. Holden adores his sister and two brothers. One of which tragically died at the age of only 10. Holden like childhood and innocence so much that he shuns the adult world, which he is growing into.

Holden loves Phoebe and Allie (two of his siblings) with all his heart. Phoebe is Holden's favorite because of her absolute innocence. One instance is when she is riding one the carrousel at the zoo. When she gets on she walks all around the platform looking at the horses before she finally sits down. Phoebe didn't need to walk all around, all the horses are the same but because of her childish innocence she doesn't know the difference. Holden loved his brother Allie very much for his innocence. Allie played baseball, he played outfield. While playing if the game ever became boring he would start to read the poems that he had created and written on the inside on his baseball mitt.

Holden has double as many fears as things that he likes. Holden hates everything that has to do with his school, Pencey. He hates all the phony's that go there. He also has a horrifying fear of growing up and entering the adult world of sex and noninnocence. His hatred of phonies hits a high when he hears that Stradlater is trying to get some from a childhood friend, Jane. This is a horrible thought to Holden because he knows that Jane is an innocent and caring person and by Stradlater having sex with her this will kill her innocence. The adult world for Holden is like a fish out of water, he doesn't fit in. His thoughts and actions do not agree with the actions of the adult world. He believes everyone should have innocence and be like him. In reality It is the exactly the opposite.

Holden is afraid of the people who don't have innocence because he still has his won innocence and he wants to keep it



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