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Quotes On Catcher In The Rye

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Which African nation, South Africa or Nigeria, will have greater difficulty overcoming problems that stem from its colonial legacy? Why?

South Africa will have a harder time overcoming its colonial legacy than Nigeria for a multitude of reasons. The first of many reasons, only three that I will touch on are as follows; the ways in which the settlers changed the beliefs of the African peoples, the second is how they cultivated the land the aboriginal people lived on and the third and final reason is the monetary value they used, and how they dispersed it to the Africans.

When the settlers settled on the South African continent they did not know much of anything the African people believed in. As a matter of fact they knew nothing at all. The aboriginal civilization had a belief in numerous gods, a polytheistic, religion. The settlers believed in one god, Jesus. This alone was a drastic change for the "savage" people to abide by. Those who did not follow the religion were punished and sought out by the new governing body that was England. These punishments were harsh and usually resulted in death or lashings. The Africans learned quickly not to openly pray to or speak of any other god than Jesus. Amounting with the beatings any type of pay or food that they may earn for working would be rationed or even taken away completely.

The second of the three reasons being touched on is that of the land. The English wanted to make money off of this continent of "ill cultured" people. So they put them to work and took spices and other valuables from them and sold them throughout the civilized nations. So in this adventure they built communities for their own armies and nobles to over see the construction and operations of business. They did not want to branch off and make South Africa a livable places for the nobles of England just a money spot to indulge on the less educated



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