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Case Study Of Proctor & Gamble

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Case Study of Proctor & Gamble

There is no question whether or not Proctor & Gamble is a strong company and a prominent force in the consumer goods market segment; but what sets them apart from their competition? What makes them such a power house in their market? When determining a companies strengths, such as P&G's you must take a look at the companies resources. A companies resources are often what sets them apart from their competitors and what one would consider their strengths.

The following are some of Proctor & Gambles more prevalent strengths:

1. The History

2. Brand Awareness

3. Innovative Employees

4. Large financial pad ($6 bil.)

5. Diversification

6. Access to capital

7. Outside resources

When looking at this list of P&G's strengths it is easy to pick out certain ones that other companies also posses. The three on this list that are Proctor & Gamble's strongest resources would have to be their history, brand awareness and their diverse product line.. From an outsiders prospective, the fact the P&G has been around for over 150 years has to be some kind of sign

that they are doing something right. A company doesn't last as long as P&G if they are not producing quality products. This history also plays a major role in one of P&G's other strengths, their brand awareness. Although outside of the business world Proctor & Gamble may not be that familiar of a name, the products they produce, such as Pampers, Tide, and Crest are relatively well known across the nation. It is not question that when a consumer recognizes a brand it relates some sense of quality to that consumer. The third major strength from the list is P&G's diverse product line. Proctor & Gamble have a strong presence in several product segments in the consumer goods market,, such as fabric and home care, beauty care, baby & family care, healthcare, and snack & beverages. With so many different successful products in their arsenal, it is no wonder why Proctor & Gamble has been so successful to date.

Along with their resources P&G also posses several capabilities, some of which consider with their resources. Three of these capabilities are :

1. Good Advertising.

2. Brand Recognition.

3. Diversification



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