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Case Study 4 Pick Me Up

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Case study#4



        Ronnie De Guzman is a geodetic engineer assigned at the bureau of Lands. His job is to conduct survey of all land applications. The job includes: Actual ground verification, Assessment of land use and investigation of applicants and land claimants of the subject application before the title is awarded. Just like any other government employee, the salary he received is just enough for his daily needs it is not even enough to support a family.

          In the course of his duties, he meets clients directly. One day, Ms. Santos came to the Bureau to apply for land application. Ms. Santos is a person who wants to get things done at the soonest possible time. As usual, Ronnie did his job and processed the application of Ms. Santos promptly and expeditiously. Eventually the title was awarded to Ms. Santos 

        “Thank you very much,” Ms. Santos said to Ronnie. “I am very happy that there are civil servants like you who do things promptly and effectively. Take this (an envelope of crisp money) as a token of appreciation and debt of gratitude”.

        Ronnie was surprised. Before he could say something, Ms. Santos left the room, leaving the envelope of money to be picked up……. To be opened……. And the money ……….. to be kept.


Ms. Santos gave him an envelope of money as a token of appreciation and debt of gratitude.


  • Return the envelope of money to Ms. Ramos
  • Accept the envelope of money


        Returning the envelope of money to Ms. Ramos is the best decision because if Ronnie accept it, it can cause a serious defiance of business and professional ethics, and violation of the law set by the civil service.


         Ronnie should follow and return the money to Ms. Ramos. He should politely approach ms. Ramos and thank her for appreciating the efforts that he have exerted to finish the transaction at the soonest possible time.


Ronnie is now in a quandary. Now, if you are in Ronnie’s shoes what will you do?



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