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Cara Benson Quantom Chaos And Poems

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Essay Preview: Cara Benson Quantom Chaos And Poems

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Cara Benson, Quantom Chaos & Poems вЂ" A Manifest(o)ation, BookThug, 2007, ISBN978-1-897388-14-3

The first thing that jumps at you is the cover. On it a braiding of some sort is systematically unraveled until it is 4 strands of the same piece of, let’s say, leather. That is what the reader is to do when reading these poems. Her writing style seems very unique and the book itself seems to follow the title, Quantum Chaos. The tagline after the title, “Manifest(o)ation” referring to both a manifesto and a manifestation it starts making you wonder. A Manifesto is sort of a statement that gets your agenda across. It is associated with madmen and cultists for the most part. Manifestation is a sort of a representation that isn’t what it is. These two things that have such a different connotation are linked by the common Latin root of Manifest which I guess has something to do with her choosing of the title. You read the poems and they don’t seem to make sense, but her poems are quite close to her senses. Benson comments on what she sees and thinks, and I’d like to say, as she thinks it. The paragraphing an art of stops and jerks for the reader to wonder why it breaks midsentence and then wondering again if the next word relates to the last. When you get to the end she ends it with “Everything’s in the Poems.” This seems like a good way to end it for those who just scanned the words and didn’t look at the meanings. She has a works cited afterwards which details where she took her quotes. I’d have to say that her writing really comes out of the box and shows that literature does not have to be a stuffy or structured poem. Iambic pentameter is not the enemy, but it is not the only way.



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