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Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment has been abolished in Australia since 1985 but there has been some people wanting to re-appeal this decision because it still exists in countries like America and many Asian countries like China. It has been proven that Chinese cities are very safe and among the safest in the world. But there are also some people that wouldn't like Capital Punishment to return. It has been shown that it is more beneficial to take the lives away from the criminals, rather than keeping them in prison for twenty-five or so years, as it costs money that could be used for more significant and valuable issues in our society. The money could be more useful going towards education, health, charities and organisations. Most people would rather their money going towards these instead of the criminals that have put our society at risk. However, the Catholic Religious Tradition also have their opinions on this case. One of the beliefs from the Catholic Religious Tradition is that "thou shall not kill" which is the sixth commandment out of the ten. Another one is that everyone should be treated the way they would want to be treated which is from the bible and has been taken from Luke 6:31. And this shows that the Catholic Religious Tradition values life and respects others just as God did. I believe that everyone has a right to live, even the guilty as it doesn't just affect them, it affects their families. And I believe that there is other alternatives to deal with criminals and that killing isn't the worst form of punishment they could receive.



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