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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment

My beliefs on capital punishment are that if a person commits a crime they should be punished for it and have to serve time in jail or prison. I believe in the electric chair. If a person commits murder or rape, they should be put in the electric chair. If a person is caught stealing they should lose a hand. When a person kills another person without a reason or it is not self-defense they should also lose their life. When a person chooses to become a criminal he or she should lose all their rights as a citizen until they pay for what they have done. Each punishment should depend on the type of crime committed . All crimes are breaking the law. The worse the crime, the worse the punishment.

I believe that the electric chair should be used more often. If a person commits murder or rape they should be put in the electric chair. Why should a person that kills someone have the right to live? If an innocent person dies for no reason the person that killed them should also die. If the electric chair was used more often for people who committed murder or rape, they would quit committing these types of crimes. If people knew they were going to get put in the electric chair they would not commit the crime in the first place.

If a person steals from another person that is wrong . They should be punished. Why take something from someone that is not yours? This day in time it is very hard to buy important things that you want. So when a person steals from another person they should lose their rights to live in our society. My belief is that when someone steals something they should lose their hand. If they continue stealing after they have lost one of their hands, then they should lose their other hand. If the laws were stronger on stealing after losing one hand a criminal would probably think very hard about committing the crime again.

When a person takes another person's



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