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Candy Case

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As I walk down the vast isle of candy my eyes run across something new and exciting. Soon as I layed my eyes on a yellow wrapper with brown writing representing a banana. My eyes began to shine bright like a diamonds, my soul did a little dance, see I am not a big fan of tootsie roll pops however I do fall head over heels in love with banana flavored candy.

I pick up what I know will turnout to be my favorite banana candy of them all. I start to unwrap my tootsie pop and the crinkle of the wax paper in my hand takes me back to a day walking through the park and hearing the crunching of the leaves underneath my feet. As I hold the candy up I can see straight through it to see the embedded candy prize.

I take a deep breath in and the overwhelming smell of a sweet tropical banana runs through my nose and my mouth starts to water like a dripping facet. I can not wait any longer to take the first taste. When my tongue starts toward the tootsie pop my heart is racing like a NASCAR at the Daytona 500. I have no clue what to expect will it be all that I imagined or will it be just another piece of candy that I will soon forget.

OH MY GOSH soon as the sweet hard candy land on my tongue my taste buds are doing flips and tricks like they where acrobatic gymnast. This is why no one know how many licks it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. This delicious luxurious banana candy makes me want to bit into it. The first bit I taste is the truth behind the madness of this creation. Something I have loved since a child chocolate covered bananas. The mixture of the smooth hard crunchy candy and the sticky taffy chocolate makes e dance and hum. a little tune as I enjoy my new favorite candy.



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