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Can We Know Truth In Ethics

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Truth has been debated since the begging of time and may be debated forever, but one thing is certain, that there is truth. There is a universal truth and reality of how things are, but it is hard for people to agree and come to a consensus of it because of backgrounds and beliefs. What we can do to help find truth is interact with others in such a way that we learn from them and show each other different perspectives of truth, one day we all might what find it. I think that this is very unlikely though because people want to have their own believes and ways of thinking. Sometimes even if they know they are wrong they will still disagree just to be different. If we can not agree then how can we find truth?

Ethics is a way of living and standards people go by that determines what is right and what is wrong. Depending on ones believes and culture they probably have a certain way of living and some different rules or types of guidelines they set who defines who they are. Most people have a hard time waving through their own believes and set ways to accept what truth is. Truth is how things really are. No matter how you or where you are raised, this is still correct. It does not matter your beliefs of culture upbringing, truth still has the same definition. One of the biggest reasons people have trouble with this concept is because we all have are own beliefs and truths, so it's hard to think that there is only one truth, and it might not be what they think or believe. For this reason some people do not want to peruse truth or change their ways to accept what truth really is, and they will never be able to understand it or grasp because of this.

If there is truth in ethics then there has to be a reason why society has not found a universal truth yet. From what we discussed in class, on the positive side for truth we determine that everyone is born with conscience, we might come to a consensus in the future, we haven't had the chance or really tried to find a universal truth, truth is testable, and the good and intelligent people argument is not conclusive



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