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Cameron Nelson English 1302.V01

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Cameron Nelson

English 1302.V01


23 January 2017

Journal Entry 1

  1. My favorite book of all-time is Into the Wild. I enjoyed reading it because it was a true story which allowed me to put myself into the character’s shoes. I have yet to reread the book but I imagine that I will one day.
  2. My favorite author would be J.K. Rowling. Although I have not read all of her books, the books I have read of hers I enjoy very much because as I read them I can perfectly imagine the scene playing out in my head. I have read the first Harry Potter book and I plan to read the others in the future when I have some available time.
  3. One of my favorite poems is “Digging”. This poem demonstrates how people can differ from their family’s past but it can be a good change to the status quo. One song that I believe is poetic is “Your Song” by Elton John. I enjoy how both of these works have deeper meanings that are easily relatable.
  4. One book that I read and did not like was Ceremony. The book had too many loop holes that seemed to go unanswered and it continued to bring in new characters and new ideas so it was difficult to keep track.
  5. My favorite reading assignment for school was The Great Gatsby. I enjoyed reading this book because I was intrigued by the lifestyle of this age and the greater meaning in the book.
  6. My favorite non-school assignment would be Long Walk to Freedom. This book is about the life of Nelson Mandela and how he helped to end apartheid. I was motivated to read this because I was interested in learning more about Nelson Mandela’s life and I was inspired by his courage.
  7. My mom was a big influenced my reading choices mainly because she would tell me to read certain books which I would end up liking and I would ask her for more recommendations. She encouraged me to read to keep my mind sharp.
  8. The last play I saw was Wicked and the last movie I saw was Rogue One. The live performance is more thrilling because there is a chance for something to go wrong while in the theaters the plot is what keeps the movie thrilling.
  9. I have not read a book more than once; however, I do plan on rereading The Great Gatsby because there is so much symbolism and deeper meaning.
  10. My favorite genre would be drama because the plot is very involving and one can easily put themselves in the situation that is playing out on screen or in a book.
  11. I believe that electronic entertainment is the future of literature because it is more involving and one can pick their own ending rather than having to accept a less than satisfactory ending.



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