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Call Of The Wild, Jack London

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Call of the Wild, By: Jack London

Dear Judge Miller,

Wow…it’s been quite awhile since I saw your warm smile. It’s been so long since “I sat by Judge Miller in the warm Santa Clara Valley sun”,-pg.2. It’s been so long since that fateful night when Manuel took me for a walk, I was foolish to trust any man that came across my path, but by trusting Manuel my whole life changed. “During the four years since his puppy hood he had lived the life of a sated aristocrat”,-pg.3 I was plunged into a world that severely changed me where the dog was not superior. I lived such a pampered leisurely life; I was not a true dog when I think back I had everything easy, I didn’t have to hunt for food or work until my whole body ached, but here I must struggle for a living and fight for my life, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. I suffered a lot in the beginning I was a dog who hadn’t worked a day in his young dog life, in my heart I’ll always wonder why you never took the time to find me, I thought you loved me very much as I did to you, but I guess I was wrong, I never saw you again. I went through a lot to be accepted in this harsh world, but that’s when I met John Thornton. “ Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time, this he had never experienced at Judge Miller’s in the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley”,-pg.61. He is a true master who fought for my life when I was helpless and cared for me as deep as I did, I feel like I’m in good hands now, I know John Thornton will keep me safe and not let anything tear us apart. I believe dog can be man’s best friend and in this case I’m John’s best friend. Thank you for all those wonderful years as a family, but now



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