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Jack London

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Jack London Cameron Wolf


1st Hour

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Born in San Francisco, John Griffith Chaney (a.k.a. Jack London who was raised by ex-slave Virginia Prentiss would later become one of the greatest writers of his time. From being a hobo on the railroad tracks and being thrown in prison for 30 days, to being the first celebrity to ever endorse products in commercials.

Jack London never really thought that school was that important later causing him to drop out in eighth grade and then some 6 years later returning as a freshman in high school to get his diploma. At the age of nineteen, Jack was considered "the boy socialist" of Oakland, California. He unsuccessfully ran for mayor many times, but falling short. That is what pushed him to be a writer. Jack went on for another 10 years writing novel after novel and eventually he was among the first writers ever to become in the movie industry, having almost every one of his books become films.

Later on in his life, Jack really started to have problems with his health, having had his kidneys failed, and mental problems. He was an autodidact, which is an illness which made his thoughts to lack consistency and precision. He later died at the age of forty from Uremic Poisoning, according to his death certificate*.

*His death was thought to be many things, like suicide, and problems from his kidneys.



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