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Cadburys Report

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Cadbury Schweppes plc is a confectionery and beverage company with its headquarters in London. However, it does not manufacture Schweppes beverages for Ireland or the United Kingdom, having sold its trademarks there to The Coca-Cola Company. The company came under minor criticism for failing to have any Fairtrade products and so Cadbury Schweppes bought out organic chocolate maker Green & Black's in 2005 from their original 5% stake (it is also notable that none of its major competitors (Nestlй, Mars et al.) have Fairtrade branded chocolate either).

The first Cadbury factory was built in the country; it was built in the green fields of Kings Norton, outside the city of Birmingham, between 1899.

This place was named "Bournville", which was named by George Cadbury where he built the factory. This took place because George Cadbury had an image, with a saying,

"If the country is a good place to live in, why not work in it?"

So he took his workers to live and work in (the country) Bournville. Further on the years Cadbury invited new recipes, so new chocolate were been created, for instance in 1915 Cadbury's Milk Tray, in 1920, Cadbury's Flake, in 1938 Roses were created.

In 1969 Cadbury and Schweppes that is a beverage business merged together as a business. This business grew worldwide over centuries, it manufactured, marketed and distributed products in over 200 countries and new chocolates and drinks were been created. While confectionery and soft drinks remained the core of the business, the group also expanded into related food categories such as hot beverages and biscuits and also into health and hygiene

The main activities of Cadbury after it merged with Schweppes are to produces confectionery such as crunchie, twirl, roses, mini egg, whole nut, Cadbury's Milk Tray and beverages such as Dr Pepper and Seven up. Cadbury and Schweppes have 180 brands.

Now these days Cadbury and Schweppes the business is functional it is owned by many shareholders (some of whom are members of staff). The company employs around 38,000 people worldwide but in Britain 12,000 employees. The company owns 7,500 vehicles that are used for the business (delivery) in Britain. In Britain there are 17 Cadbury and Schweppes sites.

Aims and purposes

Public limited companies like Cadbury will have objectives such as

 Maximise profit

 To be the number one product in a given market

 To maximise sales

 To grow

 To operate in a wide range of markets

 To give satisfaction to customers

 Have a good reputation

 To provide the freedom for workers to express them selves and suggest ideas to help the business

 Achieve best possible financial return on capital

 Boost or maintain share market values

These objectives will ensure Cadburys success as a business. From the statistics I have, it shows that Cadbury is a very successful business.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is an attempt to identify the purpose of the business in a few sentences. It is the vision and direction the firm intends to take and outlines the following:

o What business the organisation



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