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Business Sectors

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Task 1

The main classification of businesses is into the primary, secondary, tertiary sectors.

I have chosen 5 Businesses which are:

1. eBay


3. Beekeeping

4. Oxfam

5. Potter


Extraction or collection of raw material natural

Resources e.g. Coal mining, oil rigs, farming, fishery, forestry mining.


Manufacturing and construction taking things this may be from raw materials of other manufactures

Tertiary sectors:-

Service industries - providing services for other people financial services, estate agents, education, retail, transport, and destitution of goods.

EBay- this is a secondary business, this business sale items and products online

ASDA- this is a tertiary business because they sale products to customers and food customers want.

Beekeeping- this is a primary business because you're collecting naturally resource

Oxfam- this is a tertiary business they provide clothes for charity and help the people in need

Potter- this a secondary business because they make the pots and sale them to other customers

Business Sectors

The 3 main business sectors are: -

* Private sector

* Public sector

* Voluntary/



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