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Business Problem Statement Paper

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Company Overview

The ABC Parts Company (ABC) is a company that distributes parts to consumers and automobile dealers. The company is more that 1,000 dealerships strong within the western United States. ABC sells automobile parts and accessories, retail to consumers and wholesale to dealerships. Currently ABC's parts catalog is either hard copy or on a monthly distributed CD.

Defining the Problem

As new parts are added to the catalog, ABC is not aware of their availability until the new catalog or CD is published, which is on a monthly basis. Consequently, when the part is not located within the catalog, business is often lost to competitors. In addition, the printed copy or CD can be misplaced or damaged along with those who fail to utilize updated copies or media. Another problem identified is the current manual ordering process for items listed in the catalog.

Tentative Solution

Recognizing that ABC is in desperate need of an information system to provide real-time catalog information and streamline the ordering process. It is proposed that a web-based software application be developed to provide real-time updated parts information, which will also allow dealers and consumer to order parts directly online from ABC. Additionally, this reduces the back office workflow and improves the processing timeline. Consequently, a specific parts inventory software package will need to be purchased and implemented.

Feasibility Assessment

Technical Feasibility

ABC is currently running industry standard IBM-compatible hardware and software, which meets the requirements of the new software package. However, additional PCs will need to be procured and installed for the sales staff.

Operational Feasibility

This web site will be designed to meet ABC's goal to be more efficient and save money. Designing a real-time parts catalog on-line will allow customers complete access to the entire sales procedure: pricing, purchasing, parts availability, shipping, and receiving. The new system will also, interact with accounts payable department for billing and tracking inventory.




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