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Business Plan (Jose's Restaurant

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Essay Preview: Business Plan (Jose's Restaurant

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Jose's Filipino

Bar and Grill

Restaurant Complex

Business Plan


MGT 190 Entrepreneurship


Scott Montgomery

712 Edson Drive

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Confidentiality Disclosure

This report is a Business Plan for a hypothetical new venture, which will contain humor and controversial ideals. Just keep in mind that I am a Sailor that has been around the world for the last 20 years. If they offend you, I apologize up front, please enjoy my report.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Objectives

1.2 Mission

1.3 Keys to Success

2.0 Company Summary

2.1 Bar and Grill Ownership

2.2 Bar and Grill Location and Facilities

2.3 Services

2.4 Start-up Summary

3.0 Market Analysis Summary

3.1 Market Segmentation

4.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

4.1 Marking Strategy

4.2 Sales Strategy

4.3 Promotion Strategy

4.4 Competitive Edge

5.0 Management Summary

5.1 Organizational Structure

5.2 Management Team

5.3 Personnel Plan

6.0 Financial Plan

6.1 Break-even Analysis

6.2 Projected Profit and Loss

6.3 Projected Cash Flow

1.0 Executive Summary

The Jose's Bar and Grill Restaurant Complex will be a state of the art sport bar/ Philippine restaurant complex. The complex will host a separate bar, restaurant, and small 100 person banquet hall. Location will be just out side the main gates to Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, VA.


Joes's will offer Sailors from the local naval base with a feel of being import into the islands of the Philippines. Chef Jojo has a large repertoire of Pilipino dishes to include: Crispy Pata, Monkey Meat (pork on a stick), pancit, and lumpia. In addition to the great food the waitress will be straight from the islands wearing the shortest of Daisy Duke Shorts and alter tops.


Jose's believes that the market can be segmented into four dissevered groups, Jose's plan on targeting all groups and more. The four groups are: first group will be the lonely young Sailor who just needs to get off the ship and drink cold beer, group two will be the people that enjoy the finest of Filipino food, the third group will be folks looking for a small banquet hall out side the gate of the base to conduct functions, and the last group will be people who like to see very sexy Asian women wearing short shorts. Although Jose's is being geared to Sailors all people will be welcome to a clean safe place with a top notch security team.


Jose's has assembled a strong management team of retired military personnel. At the helm as General Manager will be Mike Bass, Mike has experience in management people in food and catering for the last 35 plus years. I.J. Flipper will be responsible for book keeping and financial function, I.J. is a retired Chief Petty Officer and has been a CPA for the last 5 years. Chief cook and bottle washer will be the famous Jose Marblehead from Romblom Philippines; she has been cooking and catering for 47 years, also complex name sake.

Most importance to Jose's is financial success, which will be achieved through a high quality of service, extremely outstanding food, and the coldest of beer. Joes's does not plan to raise menu rates and beer prices as the restaurant becomes more and more popular. We believe that Joes's will be the favorite place of every Sailor in Norfolk.

The market and financial analyses indicate that with a startup expenditure of $141,000 will generate Joes's $350,000 in sales by the end of year one, $500,000 by end of year two, and produce net profits of 7.5% on sales by the end of year three. Profitability will be reach by the end of year two.

1.1 Objectives

Jose's management plans on using a current bar and grill complex that was left in a will too one of the guys on the team. We plan to renovate the complex as we go, turning the place into a tropic Philippines oasis.

- We will do this in three stages: bar/out door patio and sand pit, grill/restaurant

area, and finally the 100-person banquet hall.

- Provide the highest quality Filipino food, coldest of beer, and outstanding

service by beautiful .

- Create an atmosphere where each person can work as a team member,

clear goals and high standards that profit everyone.

- Maintain food and labor cost by using imported girls from the Philippines. If

this dose not work out we will use a local work force. Most of all we do not

want to break any laws, or give the impression that we are running a house of


- Remain a neighborhood friendly Sailor complex

1.2 Mission



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