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Business Ethics Research Paper

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Research Paper

Daniel Micoff

Columbia Southern University


I asked Google for help regarding a topic I needed to choose for my research paper, and so I found this website called Hettingern (, 2015) which showed me a ton of possible topics. Of course I did not take any of them; I just read them for inspiration. Number 13 on that list was “Pros and cons of the use of child labor in the developing world by U.S. corporations.” That got me thinking, is child labor actually a necessity? If yes, then to which extent? Based on that, I developed a thesis.


Child labor is a different concept now; it is not the harsh workmanship as it was before. Now, child labor is a requirement, at least to some extent.


There is a concept called critical thinking where the author takes all the positive answers of a question in an unbiased manner and equally places it to the negative answers of the same question. In other words, critical thinking means I will look try to prove my theory at the same time I will try to disprove it, at the end I will evaluate my findings and see which side has more weight to it. I will do this in an unbiased manner.

        We are to use at least ten references; therefore, half of my references would support my thesis and would be in relation to the positive side of child labor where else the other half would be criticizing child labor. I am to use five references for now, I have used a reference on finding my topic, and the other two will be divided equally into positive claims and negative ones.

Positive:  (Friedman, 2011) (Adnan, 2013)

Negative: (Himilrick, 2015) (Spot On Lists, 2015)


Adnan, S. (2013). 5 Positive sides of child labor- Why child labour should not be banned?.Extremology. Retrieved 18 April 2015, from



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