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Business Culture

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Ethical Filter Worksheet

Directions: List 5 or more values that you will use in Business Decision Making - starting with your most important value. In column 1 list the value. In column 2 explain the personal source of the value you just listed. In column 3 justify why you placed the corresponding value at its point in the list. Citations and a reference page are not expected but if used they should be appropriate.


Personal Source

with Examples

Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Loyalty I have a few customers that I can depend on to keep the business going forward. Their businesses are almost 50 percent of sales. I make sure to give them the best possible of price, values, and services. I consider the customers' loyalty is number one because I couldn't keep my business door opens without their loyalty.

Dependability About two years ago, I had a family member got sick in Vietnam. I had been away from my business for almost a month. But, I am fortunate to have two key employees that I can depend on to keep the business operates smoothly without a disruption. I valued the dependability in the second of the list because of the important of employees dependable.

Tolerance and Acceptance I had made some mistakes in the business decisions causing some setbacks and I accepted failure due to my part Sometimes I feel that failure is valuable lesson if you learn from it and prepare yourself better for the future success.

Honesty A few years ago, I had to lease some printing equipments. The leasing agent/broker lied about the financing package that he put together for me. I ended up paying almost



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