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Cultural Challenges Of Doing Business Overseas

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Personal, organizational, and cultural values can affect our decision-making process in our personal and professional lives determining our success or failure. Every decision renders consequences whether good or bad, and these values can influence its outcome. Personal, organizational, and cultural values will describe how you will take the journey as well as the achievement of the journey. These values will be discussed singly and together when used in decision-making in our personal and professional lives.

Organizational Culture

In today's competitive business world, companies are constantly striving to determine ways to set them above their competitors. Too often companies get caught in a rut where innovative products and creative marketing are not tailored to the right corporate and consumer audiences. Since a relationship between atmosphere and organizational development exists, it only makes sense to take on a holistic approach and address the entire atmosphere in which corporate development occurs. By doing so, employees and employers can gain a better understanding of the communication process and the environment in which such communication occurs. Organizational culture and shared values are communicated to employees in a number of ways. One of the most prominent displays of culture and values is through human resource policies. By merging values into policy, fundamental elements of vision, direction, and decision-

making skills are enhanced within the culture. Being aware of ways in which organizational culture is formed is an important step toward knowing how it can affect an organization.

The effect of cultural values has been studied in number of ways. As today, world has become a global village and continue to shrink, cultures of different parts of world collide. It is essential for all of us to become more sensitive, more aware, and more observant to surrounding culture. Cultural values and personal ethics affects heavily in decision-making process. It is discussed along with how to respect and handle cultural differences. Cultural Values and Personal Ethics A culture is a complex thing. "Culture, not only, includes the way a society use things like tools, weapons, shelter, clothing, but also includes its language, morals, manners, religion, science, art, economics,



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