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Bus 3030 - Emotional Intelligence Paper

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Essay Preview: Bus 3030 - Emotional Intelligence Paper

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Emotional Intelligence Paper

Karen Pierce

Organizational Behavior


Centenary University

Professor Lightfoot

July 30th, 2017

Emotional Intelligence Paper

        After taking the Emotional Intelligence Quiz, I feel that my results are in line with how I would have thought my own Emotional Intelligence rating would be.  The first thing that I noticed about my results is that it said that the high results from me being a high achiever.  I have always been a high achiever and have raised the bar for myself as high as I can possibly raise it.  I did this at a very early age in school and continued this throughout my professional years.  It also stated that I handle pressure well and that in the future this will be an asset.  I usually handle pressure and deadlines very well because I know how to organize my time and work and I do not have a problem telling people that they should wait while I get something else completed.  I think individuals get overwhelmed because they never say no and just take on everything and then realize that they cannot do everything at one time.  In addition, if there are several things that are pending that seem to have the same importance, I have no issues asking my manager which one is more important so I can knock that one out and go on to the next task.  People use the term multi-tasking in today’s workforce all the time, but I for one hate that term because no one can be fully engaged or successful if you are trying to do more than one task at a time.  One of my strengths is knowing this and that has done very well for me in my career.

        The results also reminded me to take some time out for myself and to reflect on things that bring me happiness or what is important to me.  I know this has been an area that I have needed to work on in the past.  In the last few years as my daughter has gotten in her upper teen years, I have tried to take as much time as I can and spend quality time with her and my husband.  I know that these years are ones that I will treasure next year when she goes off to college and I don’t want to take this time for granted.  What I need to continue to work on is time for myself.  I need to work on scheduling some time for me to just relax or to do something that I think will be fun or rewarding.  I will make this a goal in the second half of 2017 and see if this does help to manage some of my stress.



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