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Bus 115 - Employee Rights and Responsibilities

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e-portfolio Assignment #2

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Tarek Chaaban

Bus 155 – Managing Human Resources

Professor: Dr. Raj Singh

School of Business Administration

University of California Riverside


E-Portfolio Assignment #2

Since this week’s topic required the article to relate to employee rights and responsibilities, I pulled an article from the LA times that discusses the technicalities regarding scheduling and the inconveniences imposed by current methods of scheduling employed by corporations such as ‘just in time’ scheduling. In this article, by The Times Editorial Board, the term ‘just in time’ scheduling is defined and the detrimental effects surrounding this method of scheduling are explained. For starters, this method of scheduling has no restraints on when an employer must inform an employee of their schedule. In addition, in some cases employees are sent home on a slow day rendering them unable to finish the allotted number of hours that they were scheduled to work. This can bring up many inconveniences for some workers, who are already underpaid, in terms of lost time & money. This may be beneficial to the organization in terms of reducing labor costs however this is at the expense of the worker. Such inconveniences and loss of time make it either more challenging or impossible to hold a second job for those who are in such a position. However, recent California legislation by California assemblyman David Chiu requires that all retailers and food-service employers with over 500 employees to be responsible for setting work schedules two weeks in advance in addition to abiding to these set hours. This makes sending employees home early punishable by fine – as well as a number of other offences. Further legislation in this direction may be beneficial in terms of promoting the overall welfare of the labor-force in America while preserving employee rights.



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