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Bunker Hill

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Clinton keeps hope alive in rallies

at retiree condos

May 23, 2008

Who---Hillary Clinton, is a Senator from New York. Hillary has also been the First lady

of our country for eight years, from 1992 until 2000. While she was First Lady,

she tried many times to get things done, that was important to the people of

the United States. One of the things she tried to get done was, universal health

care. Universal health care means health insurace for everyone. Hillary tried

very hard to get health insurace for everyone but, powerful people who make a

lot of money from this industry stopped her.

What---Hillary Clinton was in South Florida campaigning to become the first female

President of the United States . Even though most peopleare saying , she

doesn't have a chance. The reason people are saying that is because

Barack Obama has a lot more delegate votes then she has.

Where--The United States Senator from New York went to Century Village in Boca

Raton and to Sunrise Lakes in Sunrise. Both of these communities are



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