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Bullying Is Wrong

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Essay Preview: Bullying Is Wrong

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Case Study 1: BULLYING

Billy Ray Daroya

HMSV3301: Mental Health Practice - 17MAYMNCM21

Sally Appiah-Acquah

May 30, 2017



Let me start this paper with a quote from Mattingly (n.d.), “Bullying is wrong. It is never ok. It is never cool. It never makes you look good by doing it. You always have a choice. Be the person that is smart enough and confident enough to be friends with everyone you meet. By doing so, you are sending the message that you are self-assured enough not to care what others may think.” ( pp.1)

Bullying at the workplace

California Institute of Technology is one of the setting in the series Big Bang Theory. In the series, it became a place bullying for Sheldon (one of the main character) and the people around him. In season 7 episode 10, Sheldon bullied Barry (his colleague) a person with speech impairment. This demonstrate that bullying can happen everywhere and can happen to anybody.

Hearing hurtful words can struck anybody’s feeling. Clearly, he was feeling down and have doubts about himself. He could also be angry, anxious and must have felt very lonely.

Barry reaction to Sheldon actions was baffling. He was deeply offended by the comment, bow down his head in shame and started to murmur words. The scene was silent for about a minute.

In the scenario, the reason for bullying was mainly for revenge. The bully wanted to be more superior to the other person. By ways of bullying, one can satisfy the needs of superiority.

If I were in the shoes of the person that was bullied, I would feel the same way and ask myself why is this happening to me. However, most of the time, I can deal with feelings of anger or irritability quickly.

In my previous workplace, bullying happens often. Since the Middle East is diverse when it comes to culture. I would often intercede on a bullying situation whenever one is in progress. I was once a victim of bullying and I was also the bully, and I cannot stand it happening to anybody knowing the consequence.

Managers have to prevent bullying situation at the workplace at all cost. Not only that this can affect productivity but also the image of an organization. Managers must be treat their employees equally therefore, ask questions on both the parties involve before the rectifying the issue.



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