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Building Values

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I have been really bothered about lot of social issues happening around us. Especially the ones relating to women or even female child safety. I have always wondered how other countries like Singapore manages this very well. There is hardly any events reported there and the crime rate is also very low. I am sure all of us would like to have such an environment to live in. If you look at the primary reason, it is the values and discipline that are built right from the young age is helping this cause. Children at schools both boys and girls should be coached on values and discipline, I am using the word coach here as it will really mean to make them understand why they have to follow this and how important is it for building a greater future. They are the ones who are going to build a world for themselves. All the teachers in schools should definitely pass on this message to the children and help them for a safer world. This is where I really get bothered when I hear news about an event where even a teacher is getting involved in such nasty incidents relating to female children. So we should make sure we have the right teachers and they in turn groom the children in the right way to have a wonderful peaceful society.

Following the values should be made habitual , so it is easy to be followed regularly through out ones life. If children follows these in the schools, it is really contagious and they can even influence elders at home on the whole.



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