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British Started Their Colonization in America Since 16th Century.

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Essay Preview: British Started Their Colonization in America Since 16th Century.

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America Colonies

Jia Wei Hao


British started their colonization in America since 16th century. Thirteen colonies formed after years of exploration of America continent. They are New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Each individual colony has its characteristics according to its history and geography position. If someone lives in America during that period, his best option of living is probably to settle in Maryland.

I strongly recommend living in Maryland for those immigrants that went to America during 17th century. It has the most thriving conditions compare to other colonies. It has a huge geography advantage. Maryland located in the middle of the east coast, the temperature is suitable for living seasonally. In addition, the weather is good for the growing for plants. Plantation became one of the most important business in Maryland. Tobacco was the most produced plant during that period. Luckily, people in the Maryland were the first to learn how to grow tobacco. Tobacco was demanded heavily in Europe market. Peasants saw the profit in tobacco and then most of arable lands were occupied by tobacco. The geography advantage promoted the profit even higher. Ports surrounded Maryland contributed the sea trade. Merchants transported tobacco from Maryland to Europe by Atlantic Ocean and to other colonies by rivers. At a time, economy of Maryland was heavily dependent on the export of tobacco. These businesses created prosperity in Maryland. This should have be one of the reasons to live there.

Maryland was good not only economically but also religiously.  Cecilius Calvert, the founder of the Maryland, implemented religious tolerance in Maryland. He was a catholic, and he hoped that his colony would be a refuge for his persecuted coreligionists. Thus, those who lived in Maryland can have religious freedom. Distinctively, there were religious conflicts that exist in Europe and maybe other areas in America colonies. This is another reason why I recommend living in Maryland.



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