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Analyze The Treatment Of Native Populations In The Americas During Colonization.

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Essay Preview: Analyze The Treatment Of Native Populations In The Americas During Colonization.

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History Essay

Amanda Falkowski

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Analyze the treatment of Native populations in the Americas during colonization.

During the 1500's, exploration and settlement in the Americas was becoming popular

among a lot of European nations like Spain, Portugal, France, England and the Netherlands.

Depending on what each nation wanted with the land affected how they treated the natives in the

Americas. The colonization of the European settlers interfered with the natives' survival and

their way of life. The European settlers exchanged diseases with the natives, used them for

slavery, and forced them to revolutionize their religion and beliefs. Not only did negative effects

happen, the natives also became aware of different agricultural goods and livestock, as well as an

ethnic change which would help alter their way of living positively.

In Brinkley, when the Spanish first settled in the Americas, they were searching for ways of gaining wealth as well as setting up a successful Spanish empire. In the process of finding the gold, they immediately enslaved the natives, thinking that they were superior to the "savages" and took over the natives' land as if it was their own. One Spanish explorer, Cortes and his militia were forced away by the Aztecs trying to find "great treasures". Because the Aztec's were trying to protect their tribe and land, they wouldn't let Cortes and his armies conquer their



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