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Brian's Winter Summary

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Author: Gary Paulsen

Book title: BRIAN'S WINTER

Copyright: 1996

Summary: Thirteen year old Brian Robeson is stranded in the Canadian wilderness. To survive he must rely on his intelligence, his instinct, and a hatchet. He had been in a plane crash. He had lived day by day for 54 days until he found the survival pack in the plane. Then he decided the gun in the survival pack won't last forever. Brian will eventually run out of bullets. Brian decided to make a bow. The arrows were just sharpened sticks until he could make some real arrows with stone heads. One day a bear comes and slightly destroys the shelter. Brian decides not to shoot the bear because it would only make him angrier. Then he made arrows with stone heads. He figured the new arrows would kill faster and drive further. One night in the middle of the night Brian wakes up from instinct. Then he notices he is laying between an angry bear and some venison he left out last night. He tried to move out of the way but the tightening string on his sleeping bag would not come loose so he was stuck in it. The bear scooped up and tossed him to the side. The bear is about to finish him off when he hears something. He turns around to a direct spray in the face from a

skunk. Then a couple days later he woke up to a straight flight out of here.

Characters: In this story brian is the only main character. He is a strong boy. I would guess he is about 14 in this story. He doesn't depend on other people. He is one of those people who is actually better off independently. There is a character that is kind of funny though. There is a skunk that comes by very often and threats to spray Brian so that brian will toss him or her a piece of meat. There is also a bear that attacks avery time that he smells



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