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Brazil, A Great Kept Secret

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Title of Speech: Brazil, a Great Kept Secret.

General Purpose: To commemorate the country of Brazil.

Specific Purpose: To commemorate Brazil by informing my audience about the country and its’ culture.

Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Brazil is a location that any true explorer should visit in his or her life.


I. Attention Getter вЂ" Raise your hand if you ever accidentally entered a Capoeira (Brazilian marshal art) fight in the middle of a Brazilian jungle. Unfortunately, I have, and it resulted in a tremendously embarrassing and painful chapter in my explorations of the country of Brazil.

II. Orienting Material вЂ"

A. Following my presentation, I am certain that each of you will have become as captivated as I am by Brazil and its’ culture.

B. As a past visitor to this country, I feel that I can best commemorate Brazil through my personal experiences over the two months I was there.

C. I feel that Brazil is a place that any true explorer should visit sometime in his or her life.

D. Unfortunately there is not enough time to properly commemorate this great place, so I have narrowed the best of Brazil into three main points: my two favorite locations (Rio de Janeiro and Lencois) and the amazing Brazilian food.

(Transition) First, let’s focus on the city of Rio de Jeneiro.

Main Point 1: I arrived in Rio de Janeiro on June 30th 2006.

A. The amusement of this city began immediately because residents were raving about Brazil playing in the championship soccer game of the World Cup.

1. Within hours of my arrival, I was able to watch the final game on a giant projection screen set directly on the Copacabana beach.

2. For as far as I could see, there were people crowded around to witness the game.

3. As some of you may know Brazil won the game 2-0. It was the most incredible celebration I have ever witnessed.

B. Rio de Janeiro was also amazing for it’s’ scenery.

1. I was able to hike from the city to beautiful beaches only a handful of people in the world have traveled to.

2. I was also able to view art such as �Christ the Redeemer’ which is a famous statue of Jesus Christ.

C. The entertainment and sight-seeing in Rio de Janeiro were both incredible.

(Transition) Now that I have told you a little bit about Rio de Janeiro, let’s focus on another favorite city of mine, Lencois.

II. Main Point 2: Lencois was the city I admired most because of the great amount of time I was able to spend there.

A. In Lencois, I lived with a family for a few weeks and learned a lot about the Brazil’s



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