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Bob Thomas

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Essay Preview: Bob Thomas

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  • Bob Thomas
  • Concerns about the Company public image, his own reputation (being the CEO)
  • Challenges:

• George Hollis

  • Finish what his boss requires him to do, work closely with John, impress his boss (personal interest)
  • Challenges: how to run the policy without letting the public feel like buying public support

• John Davidson

  • consider what will happen if he does or does not participate in the suggested campaign. Private interest vs company’s interest
  • personal conflict with the way that the image-building campaign is being approached.
  • Challenges: how to balance the personal interest with the company’s interest

• Company employees

  • concerns about their salaries or job security due to the bad reputation

• Communities supported by logging activities

  • affect the job of the family

• Environmentalists (Sierra Club)

  • concern about environmental issues caused by clear cutting
  • once the policy up, are they really doing something good to the environment
  • challenges: force the company to care about the environment

• Government regulators

  • whether this company work within the standard of the regulations, stability of the company
  • industry
  • how the public and government reactive to the policy
  • public
  • living standard
  • shareholders
  • whether to invest in this company

how club feel if John join the policy

dis: if not careful the club may feel not a loyal member

John’s reputation in the club may be affected

Adv: As an insider, know what the club care and can work better of the policy

Largest: John as his decision may play an important role on the successful of the policy suggested by Bob Thomas or how it goes on, if he opposed: may lost his job



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