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Bob And Sam

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The Chosen is not only a book that shows how two different kinds of kids can end up being friends but it also shows how someone can over come adversity just as the two characters Rueven and Danny had to overcome.

During a baseball game, Rueven Malter a regular active kid was hit in the eye with a baseball. He really thinks that he was targeted by the kid who was trying hit him, who happened to be Danny Sanders.Danny Sanders is part of the Hasid religion and Rueven was Jewish. Since these two religions didn't really like each other, it created tension between the two of them just for that reason. When Rueven was in the hospital, Danny went to go see him. During that time that Rueven and Danny were talking in the hospital, they started talking about any and everything. As they kept talking the relationship and the friendship between the two of them grew.

Before, the tension between the two of them was is uncalled for, just because the both of them were from two different backgrounds. When Rueven was in the hospital it was awkward for Rueven when he saw Danny at the hospital to see him. It surprised him, especially since they didn't really like each other and created a rivalry with each other but when Danny came and started talking to him, Rueven didn't really think of him as his enemy per say he really thought of Danny as a friend. As Rueven was in the hospital Danny started talking about many topics such as the amount of books that they read and would like to read at some point in time. Danny said he really reads everything he can get his hands on because since he is a Hasid, and is also next in line to become the leader of the Hasid he always reads the books his dad tells him to read. When he goes to the library he talks to this man to see what book is good enough to read. After a couple of hours he finishes the book, and keeps repeating the process until it is time for him to go home. It turns out that the man that is giving him all of these books is Rueven's dad.

When Rueven gets out of the hospital, he and Danny do even more together. They start visiting each other's house and going to the Shabat at Danny's house. When Rueven meets Danny Sanders' dad he sees how much pressure he puts on Danny by quizzing him about different topics



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